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    Screeneo Smart LED Projector



    How do I adjust the focus on the Philips Screeneo?

    • Place the device at a 90° angle towards a flat wall.
    • Please use the focus wheel on the front of the device to adjust the sharpness.
    • It might need a few turns on the wheel until the focus is set up correctly.
    • Remember, if the device is moved then its necessary to adjust the focus manually again.

    Please note:

    • Use the Screeneo within a distance to the wall of 10 to 44 cm.
    • The surface quality of the wall will affect the picture quality.
    • Some walls are not 100% flat, so you might get varying picture quality

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HDP1690/F7 , HDP1590/F7 .

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