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    HDD1835/17  Micro jukebox
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    Micro jukebox


    How to delete songs and images from my Philips GoGear?

    You can delete songs from your GoGear through Windows Media Player.

    1) Connect your GoGear to the computer

    2) Click on the “Sync” tab

    3) In the “Items on Device” pane, open the Media/Music folder (you may need to open the artist's folder also)

    4) Find the track(s) you want to delete

    • To select consecutive files or folders, click the first item, press and hold down “SHIFT”, and then click the last item
    • To select nonconsecutive files or folders, press and hold down “CTRL”, and then click each item
    • To select All files or folders, hold down “CTRL”, and then the “A” key

    5) Press the “Delete” key on your PC keyboard

    Pictures are deleted in the same way as described above except they are in the Media/Pictures folder.

    Note: For the delete action to take effect you need to do a transfer/sync (of any file) in Windows Media Player after you have deleted the pictures.

    1) Go to the “Library”

    2) Select a music file or picture file (it can be a file that is already on the device), add it to the sync list, and make sure that the picture files that you deleted are removed

    3) Click the “Start Sync” button

    Note: In some cases you may have to sync your files again to delete the file information from the GoGear's index.

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