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HDMI, DivX playback DVP5960/37


How to connect my DVP player with my TV?

You can only make this connection if the TV has component video connectors (there are different names for this input: YCbCr, YPbPb or YUV).

  1. Connect the component video cables (not supplied) to the players COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks and to the TV's COMPONENT VIDEO IN jacks

  2. Make sure that red output jack is connected to the red input jack, blue output is connected to the blue input and green output is connected to the green input

  3. Connect the audio cable to the player's AUDIO LEFT (white) and RIGHT (red) output and the TV's AUDIO LEFT/RIGHT input jacks

  4. If there are no AUDIO LEFT/RIGHT input jacks within the Component connection-section of your TV then use any AUDIO LEFT/RIGHT jacks available

  5. Switch on your TV and your DVP

  6. Put or leave your TV in interlaced mode (or switch off the progressive scan mode, see the manual of your TV)

  7. Press setup on the remote control of your DVP

  8. Go to the video set up page with the cursor right button

  9. Go to component with the cursor down button and press cursor right

  10. Put or leave the setting to YUV, press OK to confirm and press cursor left

  11. Go to progressive scan with the cursor down button and press cursor right

  12. Put the setting to ON, press OK to confirm

  13. You will see an instruction menu on your TV screen. Press cursor left and press OK to confirm.

  14. Press SETUP to leave the menu. You will see a distorted picture on your TV because the TV is in interlaced mode while the DVP is in progressive scan-mode.

  15. Put your TV back to progressive scan mode. Refer to the manual of your TV on how to do this.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP5960/37 .

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