Philips DVD player DVP3350


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Blu-ray or HD DVDs on my Philips player?

Blu-ray or high definition DVDs are new disk formats. Your player can't play these types of disks.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP3350/12 , DVP3962/37 , DVP3982/37 , HTS3565D/37 , DVP3980/37 , DVP1013/37 , HTS8100/37 , DVDR3475/37 , HTS3555/37 , DVP3960/37 , HTS3544/37 , DVDR3435V/37 , DVDR3400/37 , DVDR3455H/37 , DVP5960/37 . more less

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