DVD player

HDMI 1080p DVP3980/F7


How to check the firmware version of my Philips player?

  1. Switch on your player.

  2. Press SETUP on the remote control to enter the setup menu.

  3. Press ◄ or ► to enter the General menu.

  4. Press the following buttons on the remote control, in this order: 1,3,7,9.
    A version number is displayed.

  5. Read the software version in the last two digits on the number. For example: Version xx.xx.xx.31.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP3980/F7 , DVP3982/F7 , DVP5990/F7 , DVP3982/37 , DVP5990/37 , DVP3980/37 . more less

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