Frequently Asked Questions

Power light does not light up when my Philips headphones are connected to power

The red light, indicated “POWER”, is only activated as soon as:

you have connected the DC power supply to the base unit/transmitter

  • and you have connected it to an audio source
  • and you have set the sound volume level of the music source to a reasonable fixed high level

After a few seconds your wireless headphone transmitter base unit will automatically switch on.

Note: if the music sound level at the input is at a constant low volume (or off) for some time, the transmitter will automatically switch off.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SHC8565/05 , SHC8525/00 , SHC8585/05 , SHC8585/00 , SHC8525/05 , SHC8545/00 , SHC8545/05 , SHC8565/00 . more less