Sonicare Breath care kit

1 breath analyzer, 1 tongue brush, 1 tongue spray HX8073/10


How do I pair/connect the Philips Sonicare Breath Care Breath Analyzer to my phone?

Connecting the Philips Sonicare Breath Care Breath Analyzer to your smartphone is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow these instructions.

Play Pause

It pairs automatically

1) Make sure to download the Sonicare App from the Apple App store of Google Play store and follow the instructions for installation
2) Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone
3) Open the Sonicare app first
4) Then, turn on your Breath analyzer device, the power button is located on the back of the device
5) Tap “Check Breath” from the app starting page, and the app will pair the device

Note: The Breath analyzer device does not pair like other Bluetooth devices, and as such you will need to pair it using the Sonicare app.

Find more tutorials on YouTube.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX8073/10 , HX8078/30 .

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