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    Portable DVD Player

    17.8 cm (7") LCD, Dual screens PD7012P/37

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use my Philips DVD player in a truck or vessel?

    The power input for the portable DVD player is 12V DC, which is specified for most private cars.

    Trucks or vessels usually have a 24V DC power supply. Therefore you need a power convertor to switch the power supply from 24V DC to 12V DC in order to use the portable DVD player in a truck or vessel.

    A power convertor can be purchased in an electrical supply shop.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PD7012P/37 , PD9016P/37 , PET741M/37 , PD700/85 , PD9030/85 , PD7012/85 , PD704/37 , PD7012G/37 , PD9003/12 , PB9011/37 , PB9001/05 , PB9001/37 , PD9030/37 , PET741A/17 , PET741W/07 , PET741T/17 , PET741R/17 , PET741P/17 , PET741C/17 , PET741W/17 , PD7016/37 , PD9016/37 , PD7016/07 , PD703/37 , PD700/37 , PD7012/37 , PET741C/37 , PET741V/37 , PET741R/37 , PET741N/37 , PET741W/37 , PET741B/37 , PET741/37 . more less

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