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    Prestigo Universal remote control

    Touch 15 in 1 SRT8215/17


    How to change names of buttons, devices or activities?

    You can solve the problem by following the instructions below:

    For a device or activity, click the button of that device/activity in Configo. In the [Device] or [Activity] screen, click its name to rename it.

    For a soft button, click the device or activity it belongs to and then click “Customize soft buttons”. Double-click any of the soft buttons to rename them.

    If all the solutions provided above do not solve the problem, please chat with us (at the upper right corner), call consumer support, or contact your retailer.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SRT8215/17 , SRU6008/27 , SRU6006/27 .

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