Health watch

Track heart rate continuously, Monitor activity and sleep, Personalised health guidance, Syncs with Philips health app DL8791/00


How can I change the user settings in the Philips health watch (Flight mode, Bluetooth settings, screen contrast, brightness, etc.)?

User settings on the Philips health watch can be adapted to your preference by swiping left or right to make changes. You can reach the user settings menu from the main menu in the health watch:

Active view:
When this function is enabled, the screen will go to the activity screen when an activity is detected.

When you select flight mode, Bluetooth automatically switches off. Select 'turn off flight mode' to return to normal mode and turn it back on.

Background screen colors:
Swipe to select either black or white as your standard screen color.

Increase backlight:
When you select backlight, the display lights up to improve visibility.

Watch information:
Swipe left or right, and tap, to see regulatory information. The regulatory information provides information about the serial number.

Factory reset:
The factory reset option will reset your watch and will unpair your device from the Philips HealthSuite
health app. This will also delete all your unsynchronized data from the Philips health watch. All settings will switch to default settings and the device will switch off. To activate the watch again, place it in the charger.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DL8791/00 , DL8791/50 .

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