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    SHB3075BK/27 BASS+ Wireless On Ear Headphone with mic
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    BASS+ Wireless On Ear Headphone with mic


    Can I use the Philips Bluetooth headphone with a computer?

    Your Philips Bluetooth headphone should work with a PC if the PC has Bluetooth capability. For some computers, drivers or update might be needed. In this case, contact the manufacture of the computer for support.

    Exact steps of paring and connecting Bluetooth headphone to a computer differ for different operating systems and computer configurations. But the overall procedure is as follows:

    1. Pair the headphone with your computer.

    • Make sure the headphone is near the computer (within a meter).
    • Put the headphone in pairing mode. (For most headphone models: Switch on the headphone and then press and hold the Bluetooth button.)
    • On the computer, open the “Bluetooth” menu and add the headphone to the device list. They are now paired connected. (In some operating systems, you may need to go to the “Device” menu instead and use the “Add a device” function.)
    • When the device is added, you may double-click on it to verify its connection with the computer.

    2. Set your headphone as the audio device in Sound/Audio settings of the computer.

    • Turn up the sound volume on the computer. Play some music and see whether the music is played from the headphone. If there is no sound from the headphone, go to the Sound/Audio menu of the computer. Select the headphone as the audio device.
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