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    Philips ONE battery replacement instructions

    Battery replacement: 
    Your power toothbrush is powered by a replaceable AAA-battery. A single AAA battery should provide enough power for 3 months (180-2 minute brushings).

    Before proceeding, make sure your hands and product are dry when you insert the battery.

    1) Insert a coin into the coin slot at the bottom of the handle and turn counterclockwise. Gently shake the battery out of the handle. 

    2) Insert a fresh AAA battery into the battery compartment. Make sure the + and - poles of the battery point in the right direction. 

    3) Place the removable end cap back on the handle and use a coin to turn clockwise until it is secure and the lock indicator markings on the handle and end cap line up. 
    User-added image
    Note: If the indication on the handle and end cap do not line up, it may result in your toothbrush not working.

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