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    Change in pairs.

    Two new headlights are safer than one.

    Change in pairs

    Change in pairs


    As headlights age, they dim over time. We recognize the importance of proper lighting on the road. Recognizing the importance of nighttime visibility, is important to driving safety. Watch the video to see for yourself the difference between the illumination of an unbalanced beam versus the balanced bean performance from two new headlight bulbs. 

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    Changing headlight bulbs
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    Changing headlights in pairs gives you and your family safer nighttime driving. 

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    Headlight bulbs put out less light as they age. That means that old bulb is giving you less nighttime visibility that you'd have with 2 new bulbs. Putting in a new pair gives you all the light you should be getting for maximum driving safety for you and your family. 

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    If one burned out the other is probably close to the end of its life too. Don't leave yourself stranded at night driving with one headlight. It's not safe, and it can get you an expensive ticket. 

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    When you change in pairs, installation is 'one and done.' Change both bulbs and you won't have to worry about getting under the hood to replace bulbs again for quite a while.


    And remember - when you're replacing bulbs, go for the Original Equipment quality you get with Philips headlight bulbs.

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    Change in pairs:
    Find the right bulbs for your car


    Because your car’s lighting needs to shine as safely and brightly as possible, you should take special care choosing headlamp bulbs. We have an extensive range of Xenon and Halogen types that are designed to give you the utmost quality, performance and style in all driving conditions. They are available in twin packs to make it easier and less expensive to change in pairs. Drive away the darkness - Install our Original Equipment (OE) quality headlamp bulbs.

    Where to buy?


    You can find where to buy Philips automotive lighting products online and in stores at our Where to Buy page.

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    Safety you can see

    Our bulbs produce more light, last longer and deliver more consistent performance than ever before, off‘ering you a safer driving experience. Safety is at the heart of our brand and the inspiration for 'Safety You Can See.' By producing high-quality lighting, we believe we enhance road safety. Changing in pairs ensures you get the best out of your vehicle’s lighting.

    Why choose Philips lights?

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    Optimal lighting performance for your safety and comfort

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    DOT/SAE and ECE certification and homologation

    reliable performance

    Original Equipment for the most reliable performance


    Sustainability: lead and mercury-free products - because we care

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