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    ColorVision upgrade headlight bulbs Restyle with light

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    A new and unique style upgrade

    Philips ColorVision brings color customization to headlight lenses. ColorVision adds a pop of color to car headlights in blue, green, yellow, or purple. ColorVision bulbs are available in H7, and meet DOT requirements per SAE regulations.

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    Find the right ColorVision bulb for your car. Learn where to buy online.

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    Standard ColorVision
    60 percent more vision
    *Compared to standard minimum legal requirements in low beam headlamp test results
    Philips ColorVision bulbs create colored effects by reflecting a touch of color into the headlight lens.

    On the road ahead, ColorVision bulbs project safe white light.

    How it works:

    1. ColorVision bulbs create their color effect inside the reflector - not in the light that's projected on road.

    2. Generally, the larger the reflector is, the better the color effect is.

    3. The light effect is more visable in dark environmnets.

    4. The apparent effect depends on the angle of viewing - the strongest effect is seen straight on.

    Add a touch of color

    Philips ColorVision headlights offer the ultimate in color customization thanks to an innovative coating technology that creates colored effects in the lamp's reflector.

    When you switch on your headlights, your reflector lens is illuminated with a touch of blue, green, yellow or purple - but the beam that is projected on the road is white light.

    DOT compliant

    DOT compliant ColorVision headlight bulbs meet DOT requirements per SAE regulations.

    You can download and print out our Philips ColorVision certificate below. Keep it in your glove box and you can prove your ColorVision headlights are compliant.
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    where to buy

    Where to buy?

    You can find where to buy Philips Automotive lighting products online and in stores at our Where to buy page.
    safety you can see

    Safety you can see

    Our lamps produce more light, last longer and deliver more consistent performance than ever before, offering you a safer driving experience. Safety is at the heart of our brand and the inspiration for 'Safety You Can See.' By producing high-quality lighting, we believe we enhance road safety. Changing in pairs ensures you get the best out of your vehicle’s lighting.

    Why choose Philips lights?

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    Optimal lighting performance for your safety and comfort
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    DOT/SAE and ECE certification and homologation
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    Original Equipment for the most reliable performance
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    Optimal lighting performance for your safety and comfort
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