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Counterfeit Xenon HID bulbs can put you in jeopardy.

Learn how to protect yourself

The counterfeit Xenon HID epidemic

Counterfeit Xenon HID bulbs are increasingly available through online and offline channels. But counterfeits can lead to serious safety and performance issues. And retailers should know that buying, selling, or being in possession of counterfeit products is illegal.

A threat to drivers

Counterfeit Xenon HID bulbs often result in insufficient illumination and excessive glare for oncoming traffic. That puts drivers and passengers in harm’s way.

Counterfeit Xenon HIDs can also severely damage vehicle headlamps or electronics. Bulb explosions can lead to catastrophic results, and in some cases, simply switching on the lights could cause the airbags to activate.

Protecting HID authenticity

It’s not easy for consumers or retailers to distinguish between counterfeits and genuine Xenon HIDs by simply looking at the product. That’s why we’ve created the Philips Certificate of Authenticity (COA). 

Every genuine Philips Xenon HID package features a COA with a holographic seal, label ID, security code, and QR code. Consumers and retailers can verify the authenticity of the product either by scanning the QR code or by entering the label ID and security code, at www.philips.com/original.

Plus, to help shut down counterfeiters, we’ve added tamper-evident seals to our packaging as well as tamper-evident tape to our shipping cartons.

Where to buy?

You can find where to buy Philips Automotive lighting products online and in stores at our Where to buy page.

Safety you can see

Our lamps produce more light, last longer and deliver more consistent performance than ever before, offering you a safer driving experience. Safety is at the heart of our brand and the inspiration for 'Safety You Can See.' By producing high-quality lighting, we believe we enhance road safety. Changing in pairs ensures you get the best out of your vehicle’s lighting.

Why choose Philips lights?

Optimal lighting performance for your safety and comfort
DOT/SAE and ECE certification and homologation
Original Equipment for the most reliable performance
Sustainability: lead and mercury-free products - because we care