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uGrow baby development tracker


With the uGrow baby development tracking app you can:

Keep track of baby feeding and sleeping patterns, and use them to build up routines
Track your newborn's height and weight
Get age-specific expert advice that's tailored to your baby's development
Online Doctor Visits 24/7 provided by Amwell
Make tracking even easier with our connected baby products
Capture your baby's development and milestones in a single handy timeline

the free uGrow baby tracking app

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Get the bigger picture

Get the bigger picture


By tracking feeds with uGrow, you can better understand when your baby tends to get hungry and how long they feed for.

Keep track of your baby's sleeping habits

Spot patterns and build routines


Keep track of your baby's sleeping habits, 
so you can build up healthy routines.

Track your baby's height and weight

Watch your little one thrive and grow


Track your baby's height and weight, check them against WHO* standards, and share details with your doctor if you need to.


* World Health Organisation

Online doctor visit 24/7 provided by Amwell

Online doctor visit 24/7 provided by Amwell


Video visit with a doctor, family doctor, lactation consultant or mental health professional through the uGrow app. The help of a medical expert from the comfort of your home.

Keep track of your baby's sleeping habits

Stay one step ahead


During your pregnancy, and for six months after your baby arrives, uGrow sends you expert advice that helps you understand what's happening now and what's coming up.

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