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    About oral health care

    Is oral health connected to overall wellbeing?


    It’s easy to view the mouth, and oral hygiene, as somehow separate from the rest of your hygiene regimen. That could be because brushing is something we do at the start and end of each day, rather than during our working or social lives. However, there are many reasons why taking good care of your teeth and gums can have a positive impact on the rest of your life.

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    Healthy mouth, happy life


    Your mouth affects the way you talk, eat, and your appearance too. So if you’re experiencing toothache, or tooth decay or even missing teeth, these things could affect the way you’re perceived professionally, socially, spoil your enjoyment of food or even affect your sleep patterns. The effect on your quality of life can be quite dramatic.

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    Making some changes


    The good news is, oral health problems are both preventable, and (when caught early) treatable. Returning your teeth and gums to full health can be as simple as brushing for longer, and more often, having a better diet and flossing every day. It’s easy to take the effect that this can have on your overall wellbeing for granted – but a mouth full of healthy teeth and gums can really help you enjoy life.


    Why Philips Sonicare?


    Philips Sonicare is an ideal toothbrush to prevent and treat oral health problems. Philips Sonicare prevents bacteria (known as plaque) from growing on your teeth and prevents gingivitis and gum disease. With the help of our state-of-the-art sonic technology and dynamic cleaning action, we don’t just promise results — we deliver them. For a clean you can really feel, trust the sonic brand that’s recommended by dental professionals worldwide above all others.

    Use our patented Philips Sonicare technology so your smile can work for you

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