Assessment kit


    Assessment kit

    Your start to better skincare decisions

    Your skin assessment kit helps you create your personal skin report, for a unique understanding of your skin. See all benefits

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Skincare Assessment kit

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Your start to better skincare decisions

5 days' skin assessment at home

  • Your personal assessment kit

    The kit comes with a skin measurement device, app-guided* assessment and unlimited personal skin reports.

  • 5 days' skin assessment

    A unique combination of daily question and skin measurements, taken every morning and evening, to get the most complete picture of your skin.

  • Your personalized skin report

    Our smart algorithms process your input to create your personalized skin report. Within 12hrs, you will receive your detailed report, for a unique understanding of your skin.

  • Your detailed skin type

    We unlock the details behind your dry, oil, normal or combination skin, helping you better understand what your skin needs.

  • Your skin hydration

    Using your daily measurement input, we give you an in-depth view of your skin hydration. Mapping the different facial area’s, your morning and evening skin and how your hydration changes over time.

  • Your skin routine analyzed

    We review your skin routine and give you recommendations on how to upgrade your routine to better fit your skin.

  • Created by skin experts

    Assessment and algorithms created by skin experts.

  • Objective skin measurements

    Objective hydration measurements with your personal measurement device.

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  • Please note the Philips Skincare Assessment is available on IOS devices only and does not support Android devices at this point in time.

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