• Everyone's got The Voice

    wireless microphone and receiver

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    Put on your own talent show with Philips wireless microphone and receiver. With 'The Voice: On Stage' app on your iPad, you can sing the hottest tracks, take a blind audition and even battle with your friends.

  • Everyone's got The Voice
  • Everyone's got The Voice


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Everyone's got The Voice

Wireless microphone connects to your iPad

  • Feel free to move around with wireless detachable mic

    To impress your friends and family, body language is part of the show. Who wants to be tied down by a wired microphone these days? With Philips wireless and detachable microphone, you're free to improvise your signature moves or strike a pose that complements the lyrics. Leave it on its stand to free both hands. Or detach the microphone from its stand and incorporate it in your dance routine.

  • Sing in a Blind Audition to see how many coaches pick you

    It's an ultimate dream come true for any The Voice fan -- you now can take a Blind Audition and get picked by one of the coaches. With The Voice: On Stage app, your vocal performance can earn you scores and free songs. It's your time to shine!

  • Challenge your friends and family in battle mode

    Share the most singing fun ever with family and friends! Switch over to battle mode and challenge them to a vocal competition. The Voice: On Stage app will deliberate and score you on criteria like pitch, rhythm, range and voice quality.

  • Constantly updated large song library available for download

    The Voice: On Stage app comes with free hit songs. Of course, you have the option to expand you library with in-app purchase. Be it the latest chart-toppers, oldies or classics, there's something for everyone.

  • Sing in perfect rhythm with on-screen lyrics

    Want to sing in sync with the band without missing a beat? You always will because The Voice: On Stage app shows lyrics of each song on screen with a changing colour guide. Just follow the cue and you'd sing the rhythmic swing perfectly. It's fun and easy.

  • Pick up a song easily with guiding vocals

    You like the song, but you're not very familiar with it. Not a problem at all because The Voice: On Stage app has a guiding vocals function for you to pick it up easily. Sing along with the pros until you make it. You may even turn the guiding vocals up or down to your liking.

  • Always hit the right notes with Auto-Tune®

    Never sing off-key again with the Auto-Tune® function. Auto-Tune® is an audio processor that alters the vocal pitch with proprietary software. It tunes vocal tracks perfectly  even if they were sung slightly off-key. The pros in the music business are using it, and now you too can sing like a star!

  • High-sensitivity Bluetooth® mic for top singing experience

    Everyone's got the voice to sing and everyone wants to sing loud and clear. With Philips high-sensitivity Bluetooth® microphone, you can rest assured that every little detail of your vocal performance is picked up. Sensitivity and dynamic range matter when it comes to choosing a microphone because you want your voice to sound equally great in soft ballads and yelling rock numbers.

  • Get started with free hit songs and earn more as you play

    The Voice: On Stage app comes with free hit songs, as starters. You can always download the latest songs from the song library and expand yours.

  • Share your recordings on Facebook, Twitter and email

    Recording artists have their demos recorded in professional studios. Now you can do it at home because The Voice: On Stage turns your iPad into a mixing board! Record your song and post your audio recordings online to let others appreciate your talented performance. A score is given to every song you sing and you also have the option to post the scores on Facebook, Twitter and email.

  • Audio Out to Hi-Fi for better sound experience

    The Bluetooth® wireless receiver has an Audio Out, so you can connect it via a 3.5mm stereo audio cable to your Hi-Fi system and enjoy better sound than from your iPad. (3.5mm stereo audio cable not included)

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