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    How do I clean my Philips espresso machine?


    • Caring for your Philips espresso machine is the key to enjoying years of first-class coffee. Here you will find the most important information on cleaning and maintenance.
    • All solutions and information videos apply to the entire range of Philips fully automatic coffee machines (Philips 5000 LatteGo, Philips 5000 series, Philips 4000 series, Philips 3000 series, Philips 2100 series and Philips 2000 series).

    Clean the LatteGo

    LatteGo, the easiest to clean milk system ever
    This instruction only applies to machines with the LatteGo milk system.

    2-part milk system without hoses

    Our 2-part milk system works completely without hoses or hidden parts and can be cleaned under running water within a few seconds.


    Dishwasher Safe

    The LatteGo milk system is dishwasher safe for even easier cleaning. This saves time and guarantees hygienic cleaning.


    LatteGo lid

    Use the LatteGo lid - for uncomplicated and convenient storage inside and outside the refrigerator. 


    Cleaning process: 

    After each use, separate the two parts of the LatteGo and clean them in the dishwasher or under running lukewarm water. You can also use some dish soap. 


    Quick Clean function:

    If you don’t want to empty the LatteGo each time, and would prefer to keep the milk in it in the refrigerator, you can do a quick cleaning. However, not all machines are equipped with this function. You can select "Quick Clean" using the menu button. This function flushes hot water through the milk system. Refer to the directions for use for complete details.

    Cleaning the LatteGo
    Dishwasher safe

    Lubrication of the brew group

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    Lubricate the machine's brew group regularly so that all mechanical parts can move freely. Use the brew group grease HD5061 that is included with your machine. 

    Lubrication frequency:

    • When preparing 1-5 cups per day every 4 months
    • When preparing 6-10 cups a day every 2 months.
    • When preparing more than 10 cups a day once a month.


    Follow the steps below on which brew group parts need to be greased:

    • Switch OFF your espresso machine
    • Remove the brew group from the machine and rinse it under a fresh and lukewarm water. Let it air-dry
    • Apply a thin layer of grease on the piston of the brew group
    • Apply a thin layer of grease around the shaft located on the bottom of the brew group
    • Apply a thin layer of grease to the rails on both sides.

    Lubrication of the brew group video

    Cleaning the coffee funnel


    Clean the coffee funnel to ensure that the coffee runs smoothly through your espresso machine.

    Weekly cleaning:

    Use a spoon to clean the coffee grinder from top to bottom through the pre-ground coffee compartment. If this compartment is not available, insert the spoon from below.

    Cleaning the coffee funnel video


    Select your machine and watch the video tutorial

    Philips 3200 series

    Philips 3200 Series classic milk frother

    Philips 3200 LatteGo series

    Philips 3200 LatteGo

    Philips 2200 LatteGo series

    Philips 2200 LatteGo

    Follow the step-by-step instructions:

    Remove residue by using a brew group degreasing tablet


    By regularly cleaning the brew group of your espresso machine, you prevent coffee residue from building up and compromising performance.

    Weekly cleaning:

    Rinse with lukewarm water.


    Monthly cleaning:

    Remove residue by using a brew group degreasing tablet.

    Remove residue video

    Find user guide

    You can find more detailed information on how to get started with your Philips espresso machine using the product search.

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