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    Fast and easy cooking: tips for quick, 30-minute dinners

    After a long day at work, all we want is something fast and easy to cook and, preferably, hassle-free, tasty and comforting. This isn’t too much to ask and can be easily achieved with these tips and tricks for fast cooking recipes, including easy-to-prep ingredients and time-saving gadgets. Most importantly, you’ll find a range of easy dinner recipes for family mealtimes, including some 30-minute dinner recipes for really speedy cooking. Ready, set, let's cook!

    Only have 30 minutes? Dinner ingredients made simple 


    If you only have 30 minutes, dinner preparation can feel quite overwhelming. The key to cooking a quick dinner is efficient preparation. It’s easy to turn a supposedly simple dinner recipe into a marathon: the potatoes need to be peeled and cut, the vegetables cleaned and washed and the meat diced. The best way to combat this is to deliberately choose recipes with as few ingredients as possible or to prep your ingredients in advance.


    To prepare dinner recipes at lightning speed, follow these useful hacks that will help you learn how to cook fast:


    • Frozen or canned veggies: Canned or frozen vegetables are vitamin-rich and usually pre-chopped and easily heated up – perfect for adding to sauces or soups.
    • Pre-sliced meat: At the butcher's and in supermarkets, you can buy freshly sliced or chopped meat, which saves considerable time during preparation.

    • Plan ahead: Spend a few hours of your Sunday preparing the bulk of your meals for the coming week – you’ll be thanking yourself by the time Wednesday rolls around! Meals like our turkey chili are perfect to refrigerate or freeze in plastic containers. Similarly, try cooking a backup of staple ingredients, such as a tomato sauce that you can easily add to your pasta. 

    How to cook fast – 6 must-have items:


    To prepare your dinner as quickly and easily as possible, the right equipment is essential. Because the truth is, even a blunt knife or a missing pot lid can delay preparation and cooking time!


    • Pot lid: Using a lid will help you cook faster and in a more environmentally-friendly manner – because a shorter cooking time means less energy consumption.

    • Vegetable slicers: With these handy tools, you can avoid tears and cuts when slicing onions and similar foods – as well as being able to quickly, but carefully, shred your vegetables.


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    Fast cooking recipes – with the right preparation


    Like everything in life, good preparation is the key to speed. Here are some things you should consider if you want something fast and easy to cook.


    • Find recipes: Sometimes it can take a while to decide what you want to eat and then, when it gets down to cooking, you find that one ingredient is missing! Make time during the weekend to find five recipes for the upcoming week and compile a grocery list. You’ll find three ideas for delicious meals below.
    • Buy supplies: Be sure to have extras on hand. Frozen vegetables, canned goods and other long-lasting ingredients such as vegetable stock should always be nearby, just in case fresh alternatives are not available.
    • Prepare the work space: Save time by clearing the cooking surface immediately after preparation. Ingredients that do not need to be chilled can be left out in the mornings to prepare quick recipes for dinner immediately after work.

    What to make for a quick dinner? 


    Now that you’re perfectly prepped, the only question left to answer is: what to make for a quick dinner? Here's the perfect inspiration for something fast and easy to cook:

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