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    healthy dinner recipes that kids and toddlers will love main

    My child won’t eat vegetables: Healthy recipes for kids

    It can be a real challenge getting your kids to embrace a healthy meal with plenty of veggies on the side. A balanced diet is so important for your kids, but it’s pretty common for them to push away a plate of broccoli and salad. 


    Thankfully, here’s everything you need to know about how to make healthy recipes for kids. Discover these top tips and tricks for cooking vegetables and find out how to whip up some super healthy and tasty soup.

    Easy dinner recipes for kids that are fun too  


    Kids refusing to eat veggies is a really common issue that has many parents tearing their hair out and trying to find creative ways to add these goodies into meals. Aside from bribing them with rewards, one of the easiest ways to make vegetables for toddlers and children is to arrange them in a way that makes them look fun, colorful and tempting to eat. Have a look at the following top tips for getting creative when it comes to preparing vegetables for kids:


    • Create a yummy spaceship with crackers for the aircraft, cucumber sticks for the legs and cherry tomato halves for the top. 
    • Have some cookie cutters lying around? Use them to make your vegetables look more enticing – watermelon and cucumber are ideal for this. Slice your vegetable into circles and use a heart or star shaped cookie cutter to make some fun shapes out of them.
    • Raw vegetables make for a very spooky skeleton, great for Halloween! Sticks of celery, peppers, carrots and cucumbers make perfect ribs, spines, arms and legs.

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