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    how to make veggie chips with an air fryer or microwave main

    3 ways to make vegetable chips (that taste great)

    Colorful, delicious and the ideal party snack to cater for nearly all dietary needs - vegetable chips. Whether you are planning to use carrots, beets, turnips, zucchini or the traditional potato, veggie chips are easy to make right at home. And once you set them out in front of your guests, they’ll be gone in no time!


    Here are three simple methods for making veggie chips: with the oven, the microwave and the air fryer. If you already have the ingredients at home, you could be eating homemade veggie chips within the hour. It’s that easy!

    Tips for vegetable chips: Preparation (Takes about 20 minutes)


    There’s a good chance you already have everything you need for making veggie chips. If you have unused vegetables lying around, it’s time to turn them into a delicious snack. You can make chips out of sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, zucchini, beets or even kale. 


    If you’re expecting guests, try making chips from a few different vegetables. It won’t take much more work than if you were to just use one vegetable and it will make the final dish that much more colorful and interesting. It’s also a great conversation starter!  


    Follow these tips for preparing different types of homemade veggie chips:


    • For beet chips, you’ll first need to remove any excess moisture from the vegetable. After slicing, toss your chips in a small amount of salt and oil, so as to simultaneously season and draw out excess moisture. If you’d rather not use salt, you can layer your sliced beets between sheets of kitchen paper to soak up the moisture. 


    • The method for making beet chips also works for other root chips, such as sweet potato, russet potato, parsnips and carrots. For root chips or other starchy vegetables, you can get your chips to turn out crispier by soaking the veggie slices in ice water for twenty minutes. Rinse them thoroughly afterwards. This should get rid of some of the starch.


    • For zucchini chips, you’re likely to be dealing with more moisture. Squeeze as much as you can out of the slices with paper towels and leave them to dry for a bit longer between the sheets. 


    • If you’re making kale chips, break the kale into chip-sized chunks and wash thoroughly. To dry your kale chips, dab with kitchen paper or use a salad spinner. 

    From measuring the ingredients to watching the perfect pasta be extruded from your pasta maker, making fresh pasta can be a wonderfully relaxing pastime to enjoy with the whole family. Whether by hand or by machine, the first step in learning how to make homemade ravioli is good dough. Let’s get to it!


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    Take your dried vegetable slices, season them and place them in the air fryer. Unlike with the oven or the microwave, you can layer them on top of each other, but don’t do more than three or four layers at once. Set the air fryer to 180°F and fry the slices for about 20 minutes, flipping them occasionally so they don’t stick to each other. When they’ve dried out, increase the temperature to 400°F and give them a few extra minutes to give your vegetable chips that final kick. They’ll be perfectly crunchy and tasty, whether it be to impress your party guests or to snack on yourself!

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