Sriracha Cauliflower Bites

Sriracha Cauliflower Bites

Spice up game day with this Sriracha cauliflower bites airfryer recipe. Healthy food can taste great and and airfryer fries up delicious game day appetizers without all of the fat. Recipe from blog, 730 Sage Street.

Servings 4. (197 calories), Preparation time 10 minutes, Cooking time: 30 minutes


  • 1 small or medium head of cauliflower
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/8 cup sriracha sauce


  • 1. Chop the cauliflower into bite-sized pieces. Not too small though.
  • 2. Mix the mayo and the sriracha together and pour it into a small bowl with tall sides or even a glass.
  • 3. Dunk each piece of cauliflower into the sauce, coating it fully.
  • 4. Shake the excess sauce off each piece and place in the fryer basket. The pieces can touch each other but place them in a single layer.
  • 5. When the basket is full, place it into the fryer.
  • 6. Set the fryer temperature to 350 degrees F and set the timer for 15 minutes.
  • 7. Every couple of minutes, pull the basket out and shake it so move the pieces around and ensure they cook on all sides.
  • 8. While the first batch is cooking, continue to coat the remaining pieces in the sauce.
  • 9. When the first batch is done, remove the pieces and place on parchment paper to cool.
  • 10. Repeat with the remaining pieces of cauliflower. A small to medium head of cauliflower should take two batches.
  • Tip: You may need or want to double the mayo and sriracha sauce you use depending upon the size of the cauliflower or if you want to serve some on the side for dipping. Just maintain the ratio of 1/2 cup to 1/8 cup. If you want to make more than one batch of these, chop the cauliflower ahead of time and use a plastic zipper bag to coat the pieces.
Sriracha Cauliflower Bites