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Millions of people know that sleep is critical to their health, and are searching for ways to get better rest. From identifying individual sleep needs to offering clinically proven solutions, Philips is on a mission to make better sleep a reality for everyone. For 35 years, we’ve developed revolutionary sleep products rooted in clinical evidence and data-driven insights, making us the proud leader in sleep innovation. Our portfolio continues to grow – and we’re expanding our reach in order to help people everywhere sleep better and live happier, healthier lives.

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Identifying the right solution

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It can be hard to pin down what’s keeping you from getting a good night’s rest. Philips can help you find answers with our SmartSleep Analyzer, the only clinically proven1 method for identifying your sleep needs. In as little as 10 minutes, our online tool quickly assesses your sleep habits, provides personalized feedback, and recommends clinically validated1 solutions from Philips SmartSleep to help you improve your sleep. Knowing our tool was developed with sleep physicians and specialists, you can be confident in the results.

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Understanding sleep


Philips is teaming up with like-minded organizations to connect you with knowledge and insight so you can take charge of your health. We’re proud to partner with WebMD to increase access to trustworthy information that helps you understand your sleep and how to get more out of it. And with supporting enterprises like American Sleep Association, we aim to boost our efforts to broadcast sleep health education and solutions to support your challenges.

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Enhancing deep sleep


It’s about the quality of sleep, not just the quantity. Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband is the only clinically proven wearable solution for consumers to improve the quality of deep sleep.2 Unlike sleep trackers that merely monitor sleep patterns, this Deep sleep headband and mobile app are designed to help people who typically sleep less than 7 hours a night improve their sleep quality, boost alertness, and reduce daytime sleepiness throughout the day.2 Actively enhance the quality of deep sleep, so you feel more rested and refreshed – without needing to change how long you sleep.

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Waking up refreshed


Philips Somneo is our premier Sleep & Wake-up Light and is designed to help you wake up refreshed after a productive night’s sleep. It combines the benefits of a Wake-up Light with RelaxBreathe, a guided wind-down-to-sleep feature that helps calm your body and mind – and offers extensive app-enabled customization for personalizing your sleeping environment. Philips Somneo is part of our full range of light therapy products created to get you into a positive sleeping, waking and living routine.

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Improving snoring

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Sleeping on your back can cause you to snore. Philips Snoring relief band3 combines science based technology with a small, discreet sensor to help encourage you to sleep on your side. Worn in a soft band around your chest, the Snoring relief band monitors when you are on your back and prompts you to move to your side. The gentle vibrations don’t disrupt your sleep, and the intensity and vibration pattern automatically adjust to your snoring needs. The result: quieter nights for both you and your bed partner.4

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Falling and staying asleep

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Adopting new sleep habits requires more than a quick fix. The SmartSleep Better sleep program offered by Philips provides you with a sleep-improvement schedule that retrains you to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night5. Using your smartphone and wearable device, the program starts with an evaluation of your sleep habits and environment, which will then create a customized and personalized program to help you understand your sleep challenges. The Philips SmartSleep Better sleep program tools are designed to keep you motivated during every step of the way and give you sustainable results.

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Treating OSA


Our Dream Family of masks, PAP machines and accessories are designed to make treating your sleep apnea easy and comfortable, so you get the kind of sleep you need to help you feel more like yourself. Explore our DreamWear mask system, providing you with the ability to sleep in any position, and the DreamStation Go, made reliable for travel, for an optimal sleeping experience. In the morning, you can see your data on the DreamMapper app and view personalized feedback to start taking an active role in your therapy.

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Connecting to a specialist


We aim to make care accessible for the millions of people who need guidance to optimal diagnosis and treatment. Philips is extending its relationship with American Well into the sleep category, enabling telehealth for the many consumers looking for support from a physician to improve their sleep.

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* Ratings and reviews from real users who participated in our Limited Release program March 19 – June 30, 2018.

The Global Pursuit of Better Sleep Health

The Philips 2019 global sleep survey


In recognition of World Sleep Day 2019, Philips once again executed its annual sleep survey to generate insights into how sleep impacts people’s lives and what they are (or are not) doing to improve their sleep around the world. We surveyed more than 12,000 adults across 12 countries to capture attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors around sleep.

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1 ER 2236335: Final Study Report, VISC-Q Trial Validation of an Online Sleep Characterization Questionnaire

2 When used for 2 weeks in people who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle

3 This product is for position-dependent snoring where snoring ceases when sleeping on your side

4 88% of snorers reported quieter nights for both themselves and their bed partner in a 30-day home user test of 24 snorers ages 25-55 without sleep disorder or respiratory or cardiac disease.

5 User reported. When trouble falling asleep and staying asleep was reported prior to starting the program