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    HD8930/06 Philips Saeco Royal Super-automatic espresso machine
    Please be aware that your product may differ in color from this picture, but the support information is same
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    Philips Saeco Royal Super-automatic espresso machine


    How to descale my Saeco Royal espresso machine.

    Descaling your Saeco Royal espresso machine helps keeping it in optimal condition. Discover how to easily do this yourself.

    Before you start the descaling cycle

    • The complete descaling takes about 30 minutes and consists of a descaling cycle and rinsing cycles.
    • Once started you need to complete the descale procedure till the very end.
    • Use Saeco/Philips descaling solution CA7600 or CA6701, never use vinegar as a decalcifier.

    Before you start:

    • Empty the drip tray.
    • Have a container available to collect the water during the descaling process.
    • Remove the INTENZA+ water filter from the water tank (if placed).
    • Remove the Pannarello / Cappuccinatore / Automatic milk frother (if placed).

    Descale instructions - descale cycle steps 1-8

    If your Royal model differs from the described below one, please consult the user manual for the correct instructions.

    1) Remove the Cappuccinatore from the steam/hot water wand. To perform the descaling cycle, follow the steps below:

    2) Select the “MAINTENANCE” option in the machine menu.

    3) Select “DESCALING” and confirm with the ESPRESSO button.

    4) Press the ESPRESSO button to confirm.

    5) Remove the water tank and the “INTENZA+” water filter (if any). Pour the entire content of the Saeco concentrated descaling solution into the water tank and then fill the tank with fresh drinking water up to the level indicated by the CAL CLEAN icon. Press the ESPRESSO button.

    6) Drain any liquids from the drip tray and place it back into the machine. Press the ESPRESSO button.

    7) Place a large container (1.5 lt) under both the steam/hot water wand and the dispensing spout. Press the ESPRESSO button.

    8) The machine will start dispensing the descaling solution at regular intervals. The bar on the display shows the cycle progress.

    Saeco Royal espresso descaling

    Descale instructions - rinsing cycle steps 9-16

    9) The message indicates the end of the first step. The water tank needs
    to be rinsed. Fill the water tank with fresh water up to the MAX level.
    Press the ESPRESSO button.

    10) Empty the drip tray and place it back, then press the ESRPESSO button.

    11) Empty the container and place it back under the dispensing spout and the hot water/steam wand. Press the ESPRESSO button.

    12) The rinse cycle is activated. The bar shows the cycle progress.

    13) When the amount of water needed for the rinse cycle has been completely dispensed, the machine automatically ends the descaling process by showing this display after a short warm-up phase.

    14) Remove and empty the container.

    15) Place the “INTENZA+” water filter (if any) back into the water tank.

    16) The descaling cycle is now complete.

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