Satinelle Prestige Cordless Wet & Dry epilator

For legs, body and face, 4 in 1 Epilator + Shaver with Body Care, Extra wide epilation head, Rechargeable + 40 min of use BRE648/00


My Philips cordless epilator does not work

If your Philips cordless epilator is not working properly or stops during use, please read below our troubleshooting advice.

Overheat protection activated

It may be that the overheat protection on your epilator has been activated. This can cause the device to stop working.

In this case, let the epilator cool down and turn it back on after a minute or so.

If it still does not turn on, it means it has not cooled down properly and you should wait a bit longer.

Battery is empty

Continuous red light

If the charging light is continuously red, this means the rechargeable batteries are empty.

Please replace the batteries or alternatively plug your epilator in an electric socket and use it corded.

Travel lock activated

If your epilator is not working, it may be that the travel lock of your device is activated.

To disable the travel lock please press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds or plug the device in a socket.

Overload protection activated

It can be that something is stuck in the head of your epilator, which causes it to stop working.

Check the epilator head, remove any possible obstruction and then switch it back on again.

Be gentle

The epilator can also stop working if you press it too hard against your skin.

Just glide it gently over your body and let the device work easily.

Still not working

If the epilator is still not working to your satisfaction please contact us for further help.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BRE648/00 , BRE625/00 , BRE635/50 , BRE630/50 , BRE650/50 , BRE640/50 , HP6576/50 , HP6576/60 . more less

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