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    4000 series LED-LCD TV

    43" class/po 43PFL4901/F7

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I output sound from my Philips TV to external audio devices such as Home Theaters, Soundbars, AV Receivers, etc.?

    For External Sources such as HD Cable Boxes, HD Satellite Boxes, Blu-ray players, DVD players, etc:

    It is best to connect the HD Cable Box, HD Satellite Box, Blu-ray player, DVD player, etc. directly to external audio devices such as Home Theaters, Soundbars, AV Receivers, etc.

    For information on how to connect them together please refer to the user manuals of the respective devices.Note: You might experience A/V Sync (Lip-sync) issues if you use the above method, in which case you will have to use audio/video lag correction features in your external audio device if they are built-in.

    What about Internal TV sources which are received via the TV's tuner such as Over the Air broadcasts, Digital Cable, etc.?

    To connect your TV to your Home Theater, etc, you will need to make certain that your Home Theater has an open TosLink or digital optical jack. You will also need a TosLink audio cable.

    Connect one end of the cable to Digital Audio Out (Optical) on your TV.

    Connect the other end to the Digital Audio Input (Optical) on your Home Theatre, etc.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 43PFL4901/F7 , 55PFL4901/F7 , 50PFL4901/F7 , 32PFL4901/F7 , 40PFL4901/F7 . more less

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