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    GoGEAR Micro jukebox

    8GB* HDD1835/17


    Cannot view images transferred on my Philips player

    The reason for this could be:

    1) You transferred the pictures using Windows Explorer

    • Please use Windows Media Player to transfer pictures to your GoGear (follow the steps as described in “How to add picture to my GoGear?“)

    2) The Philips Device Plug-in is not installed on your PC

    • Please make sure that you install all the software from the CD. The software installation on your CD (for US customers: CD2) contains the Philips Device Plug-in, which will help the pictures to be visible on your device after disconnected.

    3) If nothing works, use the repair function available in the Device Manager to return your GoGear to the factory settings

    • Please refer to the procedure as described in the FAQ - “How do I repair my GoGear to the factory setting?”
    • Important: All music & content of you GoGear will be erased once the repair function completes.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HDD1835/17 , HDD1835/37 , HDD1830/17 , HDD1630/17 , HDD6330/17 . more less

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