Bluetooth stereo headset


Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone else hear my conversation via Philips BT headphones?

Paired devices create a private, encrypted link that is very hard to listen in to. Hacks have been shown to be possible, but typically require a number of preconditions to work (i.e. specialized equipment, proximity to the user, observing the initial pairing process etc.). Thus, “hacking” of a Bluetooth connection is not, at this time, an everyday concern

The information on this page applies to the following models: SHB9001WT/00 , SHB7110/37 , SWB9000/27 , SWB9200/27 , SHB6110/37 , SHB1300/93 , SHB6100/93 , SHB6100/79 , SHB1300/61 , SHB7102BB/61 , SHB6100/00 , SHB7102/27 , SHB7100/27 , SHB6102/27 , SHB6101/27 , SHB6100/27 , SHB6100/05 , SHB1300/00 , SHB1300/05 , SHB1300/27 , SHB1300/97 . more less