17.8 cm (7") LCD 7FF1MS/37


How to copy images from my Philips display to my PC?

  • Connect your memory card to your PC (Some PCs have memory card slot built-in or you may need a separate memory card reader to connect your memory card to PC)

  • Copy your PC photos onto the root directory of the memory card (The root directory is simply represented as “\” on the memory card)

  • Safely remove your memory card from PC

  • Make sure Photo Display is OFF

  • Insert the memory card into Photo Display

  • Turn on Photo Display

  • After a few seconds, all photos in root directory of your memory card will be automatically added to Photo Display (Photos in the root directory will stay intact after copying)

  • Note: This device only supports PC photos in JPEG format.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 7FF1MS/37 , 7FF1CME/37 , 7FF1CMI/37 , 7FF1M4/37 , 7FF1CWO/37 , 7FF1AW/37 , 7FF1WD/37 . more less

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