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    Fidelio Soundbar speaker

    4.1 CH wireless surround sound, Bluetooth® aptX , AAC and NFC, 2 HDMI In & HDMI out ARC, Spatial calibration B5/37


    No sound output from the wireless speakers of my Philips SoundBar

    Check the light indicator of the speaker (located on the top of the speaker). If the indicator blinks red slowly, the connection between the speaker to the SoundBar is lost. Follow the steps below to pair the wireless speakers with the Soundbar:

    1) Turn on the Soundbar.

    2) For one of the speakers, press Connection key (located on the bottom of the speaker) with a pin to enter pairing mode. The indicator on the speaker blinks red quickly.

    3) On the remote control, press AUX button, and then press TREBLE - button, BASS + button and + (Volume) button within three seconds.

    • If pairing is successful, the indicator on the speaker lights up white continuously (if the speaker is undocked from the Soundbar), or the indicator lights up white for 30 seconds (if the speaker is docked on the Soundbar)

    • If pairing fails, the indicator on the speaker blinks red slowly. Repeat the steps above

    4) Repeat the steps above for the other speaker.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: B5/37 , HTL7180/F7 .

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