132 cm (52"), Full HD 1080p, digital TV 52PFL8605H/12

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Full HD 3D ready TV"?

The label “Full HD 3D Ready” means that your TV is able to show 3D content in Full HD 1080p resolution per eye.

In order to watch 3D content, you need to purchase our 3D upgrade pack (PTA02/00), which contains:

  • a USB stick with the Firmware upgrade
  • two pairs of 3D glasses
  • a 3D transmitter that will enable the TV to communicate with the glasses

In order to watch Full HD 3D content, you will also need a 3D Blu-ray player, which supplies the signal from a 3D Blu-ray disc. Content from other sources, such as TV broadcasts is still unlikely to be in 3D this year.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 52PFL8605H/12 , 46PFL9705H/12 , 40PFL8605H/12 .

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