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    Prestigo Universal remote control

    Touch 15 in 1 SRT8215/17


    Some devices connected with my Configo do not respond correctly

    You can solve the problem by the following the instructions below:

    Use the Prestigo 'Help' functionality to add this specific input to the activity action list (macro) that is played when you launch this activity.


    Use Configo to manually adapt the activity action list.

    Start Configo, select the activity and press 'Edit'. On the next screen you click the 'Advanced' button. Now you can add the correct input button to the action list that is played when you launch this activity.


    Some devices require that a command is sent for some time (long button press). To simulate this in an activity action list, select the activity in Configo and click the 'Advanced' button.
    Right-click the input command and select 'Details'. Increase the duration of the signal as needed.

    If all the solutions provided above do not solve the problem, please chat with us (at the upper right corner), call consumer support, or contact your retailer.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SRT8215/17 , SRU6008/27 , SRU6006/27 .

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