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    EP2220/14 Series 2200 Fully automatic espresso machines
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    Series 2200 Fully automatic espresso machines


    My Philips espresso machine tells me to descale after installing my AquaClean filter

    There are a couple of reasons why your Philips espresso machine is telling you to descale your machine after installing the AquaClean filter. Please see below for the possible solutions. Note: It is important to note that if you are already using an AquaClean water filter, at a certain point you still need to descale your machine.

    Not replacing the AquaClean filter on time

    When the AquaClean filter icon starts flashing orange, it indicates that you need to replace your filter. As long as it flashes, you can replace the filter without having to descale the machine first. If you do not replace the AquaClean water filter, the orange light will go out eventually. In that case, you need to descale your machine first before replacing it with a new water filter. As the machine has to be limescale free before starting to use the AquaClean filter.

    The AquaClean filter is not yet activated

    Once you have installed the AquaClean filter and activated it, the AquaClean light turns blue to confirm that the AquaClean water filter is active.

    If the AquaClean light is not blue, it indicates that the filter is not active, and you will need to install and activate it. To do so, follow the steps below or watch our video:

    1. Shake the filter for about 5 seconds. 
    2. Immerse the filter upside down in a jug with cold water, shake/press it a bit and wait until no more air bubbles come out.
    3. The filter is now prepared for use and can be inserted into the water tank
    4. Switch the machine ON. 
    5. Insert the filter vertically onto the filter connection in the water tank. Press it down to the lowest possible point
    6. Fill the water tank with fresh water to the MAX and place it back into the machine
    7. Press and hold the AquaClean filter icon for 3 seconds until the lights starts blinking
    8. Place a bowl under the hot water spout and press start. The machine will dispense some warm water.
    9. Once done, the AquaClean filter light will turn blue, which indicates that the AquaClean water filter is activated.

    Do these solutions not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.
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