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    Philips Support

    Why is there no power adapter included with the product?

    Published on 27 May 2024
    At Philips, we are committed to sustainability. In addition to prioritizing recycled materials in our packaging, we are removing the power adapter in several products to reduce electronic waste, knowing that many consumers already have one or several USB adapters at home.

    Can I get an adapter from Philips?

    Yes, you can request a suitable adapter from Philips by clicking here.

    What if I already have an adapter?

    If you already own a USB power adapter, you can use it to charge your Philips product, provided it meets the safety standards outlined below:

    • Input voltage: 100-240V.
    • Output voltage: 5V.
    • Power output: 1A or higher.
    • If you want to use or charge your product in a moist environment, for example, in the bathroom, always use a splash-proof (IPX4) rated adapter.

    Need further assistance?

    Please contact us if you require additional support.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HX3806/21 , HX3806/24 , HX3806/23 , HX3601/01 , S5880/81 , S7886/84 , S7887/82 , QP2834/70 , QP2724/70 , MG9510/60 , MG7910/49 , MG5910/49 , BRL146/00 , BRL136/00 , BRL166/91 , MG5900/49 , MG9520/50 , MG9500/50 , MG7900/49 , HX3681/06 , HX3681/04 , HX3684/23 , X5006/85 , X5004/84 , S7885/85 , HX3668/01 , HX3661/04 , HX3681/03 , HX3804/21 , HX3661/43 , HX3683/32 , HX3665/04 , HX3683/36 , HX3683/34 , HX3681/24 , HX3681/23 , HX3681/21 , HX3681/26 , HX3681/27 , HX3681/28 , HX3641/02 , HX3683/33 , HY1200/07 , HY1200/05 , HY1200/06 , HY1200/08 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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