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5 fresh beard styles for the season

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5 fresh beard styles for the season

Seasons change and so do you. Why not turn over a new leaf for autumn with a new look? Get a fresh start this fall by putting your best face forward. Here are our five favorite beard styles as temperatures and leaves begin to drop.  

Chin Strap video

1. The Chin Strap

Define your jawline with a sharp, precise Chin Strap - a shorter, tidier version of Honest Abe's presidential profile.
Anchor video

2. The Anchor

Give your face some nautical flair this summer with a short, light goatee: the sideburn-free Anchor.
Short boxed video

The Short Boxed

For an all over beard that's neatly trimmer and defined, the Short Boxed is classic look for the hotter months.

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Scruffy video

The Scruffy Beard

The ultimate carefree summer creation, the all over stubble of the Scruffy Beard doesn't need any fancy edging and lasts as long as you like between trims and shaves.
Mustache video

The Mustache

If you're afraid of post-vacation beard tan lines, shave down to just a mustache before you go. (It's great dry run for Movember!)

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