Sonicare Sonic electric toothbrush

5 modes, 1 brush head, UV brush head sanitizer HX6991/10


I cannot find the model number of my toothbrush.

If you have looked for the model number of your Philips Sonicare toothbrush on the Sonicare website, but cannot find it. This overview might help.

Some Philips Sonicare products have had their model numbers changed

Your product may be one of those whose number has been changed since you purchased your product. The table below lists former Sonicare model numbers that have changed, along with their new model numbers. Look on the bottom of the toothbrush handle to find the model number of your toothbrush.

Old -> new model number

  • HealthyWhite: R710 ->HX6710
  • HealthyWhite: R732 -> HX6732
  • FlexCare: R910 -> HX6930
  • FlexCare: RS930 -> HX6930
  • FlexCare Plus: 900+ -> HX6950
  • Sonicare for Kids: 300 -> HX6330

If you find that the number of your product has changed since you purchased your product, be sure to use the New/Revised Product Number in any future inquiries to the contact center or in searching for parts or accessories in the online shop.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX6991/10 , HX6311/07 , HX6721/99 , HX6731/33 , HX6731/02 , HX6921/02 , HX6733/90 , HX6732/33 , HX6711/55 , HX6932/55 , HX6972/10 , HX6311/02 , HX6911/02 , HX6992/03 , HX6992/10 , HX6712/75 , HX6712/83 , HX6732/02 , HX6780/02 , HX6733/80 , HX6782/12 , HX6733/70 , HX6952/71 , HX6952/70 , HX6932/75 , HX6311/33 , HX6711/12 , HX6311/55 , HX6711/02 , HX6902/02 , HX6982/10 , HX6932/10 , HX6942/10 . more less

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