25.9 cm/10.2" LCD, 23.9 cm (9.4") v.area 10FF2CME/27

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Philips digital photoframe have a touchscreen?

The LCD screen of your Philips photoframe is not touch-enabled. However below you can see how to use the buttons on the back of the photoframe to control it:

How to use the buttons

Control buttons on your Philips photoframe

The information on this page applies to the following models: 10FF2CME/27 , 7FF2M4/27 , 7FF2CWO/27 , 7FF2CMI/27 , 10FF2M4/27 , 10FF2CMI/27 , 10FF2CMW/27 , 7FF2CME/27 , 10FF2XLE/27 , 5FF2CMI/27 , 9FF2CME/37 , 9FF2CMI/37 , 9FF2CWO/37 , 9FF2M4/37 . more less

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