Perfect sound Cordless phone with answering machine

3000-series, 3 handsets, Brilliant pearl CD3653Q/37


How to listen to the messages via the earpiece speaker of my handset?

The default setting for playback messages is through the hands free speaker.

To play the message through the earpiece of the handset instead, press the “speaker button” on the handset when playback message(s) is selected.

The information on this page applies to the following models: CD3653Q/37 , CD1550B/37 , CD1551B/17 , CD1551B/37 , CD1554B/37 , CD1552B/17 , CD1552B/37 , CD1553B/17 , CD4453Q/37 , CD4454Q/37 , CD4453B/37 , CD6451B/17 , CD6452B/37 , CD6451B/37 , CD4450B/37 , CD4451B/37 , CD4452B/17 , CD4452B/37 . more less

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