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    Why do I not see as many apps on my Philips TV as were advertised?

    Published on 2018-07-12

    Philips SmartTVs offer hundreds of apps when all of the available content is considered. Depending on which TV you own, see below guides to finding additional applications. Note that 2017 and earlier televisions with Samba and Xumo have model numbers ending in 02, 01, or 00 (ex. 55PFL5602/F7). 2018 televisions powered by VEWD will have model numbers ending in 03 (ex 55PFL5603/F7).

    2017 and earlier Philips Televisions with Xumo

    Xumo offers over 130 channels catering to a variety of tastes!

    Information on XUMO content is found here: https://www.xumo.com/smart-tvs-roku-channel-lineup/

    2017 and earlier Philips Televisions with SAMBA.

    SAMBA over 80 channels catering to a variety of tastes.

    Information on SAMBA content is available here: https://www.samba.tv/products/hotlist/

    2018 Philips powered by VEWD televisions

    Some of the apps (32 or so) are located in App Gallery at the bottom of the NetTV screen (left most choice) as well as within the VEWD APP Store App (which has well over a hundred more to choose from- upper right option).

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 50PFL5603/F7 , 43PFL5603/F7 , 75PFL5603/F7 , 65PFL5703/F7 , 65PFL5603/F7 , 55PFL5703/F7 , 55PFL5603/F7 , 50PFL5703/F7 , 43PFL5703/F7 , 50PFL5903/F7 , 65PFL5903/F7 , 55PFL5903/F7 , 50PFL6602/F7 , 55PFL5402/F7 , 50PFL6902/F7 , 65PFL6902/F7 , 55PFL6902/F7 , 65PFL5602/F7 , 50PFL5602/F7 , 55PFL5602/F7 , 50PFL5601/F7 , 55PFL5601/F7 , 75PFL6601/F7 , 65PFL6601/F7 , 50PFL4901/F7 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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