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    Frequently Asked Questions for deadbolts and smart door locks

    Published on 17 July 2023
    Introducing our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section, specifically tailored for our premium selection of deadbolts and smart door locks. Whether you're based in North America or any other region seeking products with similar specifications, we've got you covered.

    How many unlocking modes does the DDL210 series support?

    It depends on the model number. Model DDL210X-12H unlocks only via PIN code. Model DDL210X-13H can be unlocked two ways, including PIN code and fingerprint. Model DDL210X-1H can be unlocked three ways, including PIN code, fingerprint, and key.

    Do I need to drill holes to install the lock?

    The Philips DDL210X series locks do not require any drilling if replacing the existing deadbolt. Users can install the locks themselves with the parts included in the box.

    Where can I use this lock?

    This series of locks are specially designed for North American houses. If you currently have traditional mechanical locks or smart locks installed and want to replace the existing deadbolt, youll need to remove the old one and install this lock/deadbolt. This allows you to unlock your door with PIN codes, and eliminates the need for anymore keys.

    What door thickness does this lock apply to? 

    The lock is suitable to install on a door with thickness between 1-3/8-2”(35 - 50mm).

    How many mechanical keys are included with the deadbolts? What’s the keyway of the key cylinder?

    Deadbolts that have a keyway on them come with 2 keys, and it is with a SC1 keyway.


    How many fingerprints can be stored in these locks?

    Up to 50 fingerprints can be stored in each lock.

    What does the indicator on the touchscreen mean?

    Blue: wake up;  Green: unlocked;  Red: locked or low battery alert.

    Do the Philips locks support a privacy mode?

    Yes. To activate the privacy mode, press and hold the button next to the unlock icon on the interior assembly for three seconds. When activated, all user PIN codes will be disabled. The privacy mode will automatically be deactivated when the door lock is unlocked using the indoor knob or the master PIN code.

    What is the default auto-lock duration?

     The auto-lock duration is disabled by default, you will need to enable the feature and set the auto-lock duration as follows: use your palm to wake up the touchscreen, press X twice, enter the master PIN code, then press √ to enter master mode; Press 7 and √ to follow the voice prompt to set the auto-lock duration.
    (Note: for DDL210X series locks, you can set the auto-lock duration on the lock; for other models, you can set the auto-lock duration via the Philips Home Access App.

    How do I lock the device from outside?

    1) If auto-lock is enabled, simply close the door and walk away. The lock will automatically lock when it reaches the set auto-lock duration.
    2) After closing the door, press and hold any key for 2 seconds and the lock will lock.
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