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    Frequently Asked Questions for smart door locks

    Published on 13 July 2023
    Introducing our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section, specifically tailored for our premium selection of deadbolts and smart door locks. Whether you're based in North America or any other region seeking products with similar specifications, we've got you covered.

    How can I delete unknown user PIN codes ?

    You will not be able to delete the PIN code unless you know it. If you suspect a code has been programmed without your knowledge, you will need to perform a factory reset. Press the Reset button for five seconds to restore the lock to default settings. Remember this will reset all lock settings and remove all enrolled codes and fingerprints.

    Why are my fingerprints having trouble unlocking the door? Why do I need to scan multiple times to unlock the door?

    First, wipe the fingerprint sensor with a clean soft cloth and try again. While the lock stores multiple variations of your fingerprint, the sensor needs to read the entire fingerprint in order to unlock the door. When enrolling the fingerprint, the sensor needs to scan different finger positions to record the maximum finger features. You can re-enroll your fingerprint or enroll the same fingerprint one more time to improve the recognition rate of finger identification.

    Why did the lock fail to add my PIN code?

    Please confirm that the PIN code(s) being added doesn’t violate PIN code rules:
    1)DOES NOT contain or contained by an existing PIN code.
    2)DOES NOT contain a sequence of number such as 123456 and 654321.
    3)DOES NOT contain repeating numbers such as 111111.


    Why can’t I unlock the door with the PIN code generated by the Philips Home Access?

    1) Please confirm the master PIN code entered on the Philips Home Access is correct.
    2) The PIN code generated by the Philips Home Access is valid only one-time. If this code has already been used, it cannot be used again and you will need to regenerate another code.

    Is the PIN code generated by the Philips Home Access only valid one time?

    Yes, the PIN code generated by the Philips Home Access can only be used once. It will automatically expire after use. Regularly used PIN codes need to be programmed at the lock.

    How many one-time PIN codes can the Philips Home Access generate?

    An unlimited amount. The Philips Home Access App will generate a one-time PIN code every time you request one.

    Do the Philips DDL210 series products have built-in Bluetooth?

    No, the DDL210 series products are standalone products without any built-in networking functions.

    How do I know if the batteries need to be replaced?

    For standalone locks, once the batteries have less than 20% capacity left , the indicator will flash in red, and it will have a voice prompts that the battery is low. Please replace the batteries when you see the indicator flashing red. For connected locks, there will also be a push notification of low battery alarm sent through the Philips Home Access App.

    How can I enable silent mode?

    Use your palm to wake up the touchscreen, press X twice, enter master PIN code, and press √ to enter master mode;Press 6 and √ to enter language settings, then follow the voice guidance to press 4 and √ to enable silent mode.
    Note: When silent mode is enabled, you will still hear low battery alerts and please replace or charge batteries immediately.)

    How to clean my lock?

    Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners on any parts, as this will damage the protective coat finish. Please use a soft cloth soaked in water to remove fingerprints left on the lock surface. If necessary, it is ok to use a small amount of soap solution with a soft cloth to remove oil or dirt build-up.
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