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Hue personal wireless lighting for every mood and moment 

Peace of mind with connected light bulbs

Welcome home light

Hue connected light bulbs – turn on your peace of mind


Even your house will be happy to see you. Coming home should always make you feel great with the Philips Hue App Geolocation feature and remote sensors. Visit to learn more. 

Your moments

Early bird light

Hue - Turn on your moments


Imagine starting every day feeling good. When you wake up with Philips Hue, waking up is always easy. Visit to learn more.

your imagination

Fun with colored light

Hue - Turn on your imagination


Tell the world’s best bedtime story ever. In fact don’t just tell it, make it come to life with 16 million colors of Philips Hue Color Changing Smart Light Bulbs. Visit to learn more.

Control your lights  with your voice


Your home just got a little smarter. And brighter. Philips Hue works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Home Assistant to control your lights with your voice before getting out of bed, to dim your Hue lights with your voice from the couch to watch a movie, or to set the lights for reading in your favorite chair – all without lifting a finger.


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So many ways to save

LED Savings Calculator

LED light bulbs can save up to 90% energy. Calculate your savings in three easy steps.

Dimmer Compatibility

New: Vintage LED

Love the look of vintage incandescent bulbs? Learn more about dimmable filament LED.