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    Philips AVENT - Introducing a bottle

    Introducing a bottle

    If you’re thinking of giving your baby a bottle in the future, it’s good to know when to start and how it might affect your breast milk.

    Philips AVENT - Introducing a bottle

    When to start?

    Most experts – doctors, healthcare professionals and moms – suggest waiting a month before introducing a bottle. This is to make sure your milk supply and breastfeeding routines are well established.

    Will bottle feeding effect your milk supply?

    Your body reacts to how much your baby drinks – making more milk if she’s hungry, and less if her appetite decreases. This means any drop in breastfeeding, or expressing times, can reduce the amount of milk your body produces. 

    If you're ready to start bottle-feeding, follow these steps to make it a little easier

    • Let Dad or Grandma give the first bottle feeds. Your baby is more likely to latch on to the strange new process if a familiar face is smiling down. However, if you’re nearby she’s likely to want Mom – and her preferred food source.
    • Fill a sterilised bottle with prepared formula or pumped breast milk. Check your formula box for the correct amount.
    • Your breast milk is kept at a cozy body temperature, to keep the bottle milk feeling as natural as possible, warm it by submerging in hot water, or with an electric bottle warmer. Never use a microwave – it can cause dangerous hot spots and damage some of the nutrients. Test the temperature by squirting the milk on the inside of your arm.
    • Sit in a comfortable chair and cradle your baby in a semi-upright position, supporting her head. Use pillows to help prop up your arms. Never feed your baby lying flat, this increases the risk of choking and the possibility of an ear infection.
    • Tilt the bottle and let the milk fill the nipple - this prevents your baby from swallowing any air. Stimulate her rooting reflex by stroking the nipple against her lips or cheek. She should latch on and start sucking naturally.
    • Once she’s happy, repeat the process within a few days, to help her get used to the bottle.

    Please be aware that the information given in these articles is only intended as general advice and should in no way be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you or your family or your child is suffering from symptoms or conditions which are severe or persistent or you need specific medical advice, please seek professional medical assistance. Philips AVENT cannot be held responsible for any damages that result from the use of the information provided on this website.

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