Razor for sensitive skin makes skin irritation a thing of the past

With the Philips Norelco Shaver series 7000 men can shave comfortably every day

Familiar with razor burn? Suffer from skin irritation or redness after shaving? You’re not alone. Up to 60 per cent of men experience a sensitive skin after shaving. The good news is however, that there is a clear cause behind this irritated skin. Even better, there is now a solution, specifically designed to help you achieve a smooth and healthy-looking face every single day.


A sensitive or irritated skin after shaving is often triggered by a razor having to make multiple passes over the same area of skin. And whether shaving wet or dry, repeated passes, day after day, can cause a sensitive skin in the neck or on the cheeks to struggle.


Tailored to Sensitive Skin

Building on over 75 years of heritage in men’s grooming and working closely with expert dermatologists and academia, Philips Norelco has therefore designed a razor specifically for sensitive skin and against shaver irritation.


The Philips Norelco Shaver series 7000 offers a smooth and effortless shave, gliding across the face with maximum comfort.


Reduce Friction

Thanks to an innovative anti-friction microbead coating on the shaver heads, the razor’s Comfort Rings reduce friction on the skin by up to 30 per cent, making redness and skin irritation a thing of the past.


Comfort Every Day

This smoother glide in combination with the Shaver series 7000’s DynamicFlex heads and Gentle Precision Blades make for an excellent yet skin-friendly clean shave. The special heads flex in no less than five directions, whilst the innovative blades gently guide the hairs for a sensitive close shave, allowing men with a sensitive skin to comfortably shave every single day, wet or dry.


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