Goatee best practices: How to grow, maintain and style your goatee

One of the most talked-about styles for facial hair is the popular goatee!


How to shave and maintain your goatee is as important as how to grow one.

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How to grow a goatee?

It’s simple, allow it to grow! You should allow about a week for your facial hair to grow into a nice, thick and full beard, before running a comb through it to straighten out any curly hair.  To grow a goatee with a moustache, use the angle of your moustache as a guide for the outline of your goatee.

How to shave your goatee?

How to successfully shave a goatee is dependent on using the right shaver. The Philips Norelco OneBlade meets the challenge to shave, edge and trim goatee hair, thanks to features such as its dual-sided blade.


GQ writer Liza Corsillo advises men with a short beard to “shave the area from your sideburns to about a half inch outside the corners of your mouth continuing down to the edge of your chin.”


She also suggests that those not wanting to “look too extreme” should “try shaving with electric clippers on the lowest setting instead of shaving clean. That’ll leave just the right amount of stubble as a bridge between goatee and skin.” 

Which goatee facial style is best for me?

Different face shapes suit different goatee styles.  For a list of styles, read our previous article on the most popular styles of goatee.

How to maintain a goatee?

We advise following clear steps for grooming your goatee, such as keeping it clean and tidy. Vital goatee maintenance steps include washing it on a regular basis with a shampoo and conditioner, as well as following a generally healthy lifestyle. These measures will help to keep your goatee hair nice, thick and strong.


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