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How to grow a scruffy beard

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How to grow scruff, for instant rough-and-ready style.

There comes a time in every man's life – usually 30 minutes after he's ignored the alarm clock – when he decides he likes himself the way he is. When this happens, the scruffy beard is the ideal accomplice. Making the most of your beard’s natural rugged cool, it’s an edgy, ultr-masculine look that speaks to your independence and a certain untamed attitude. Just don’t blame us if your partner finds it too tempting to leave untouched: the scruffy beard is hard to resist.


Now for the other main draw: the scruffy beard doesn't need to be redefined every day, and it doesn't care if it isn't the same length all over. Sometimes it likes to be tidied up a bit around the mouth, but only so you can eat more easily. Just remember to trim it every so often – preferably before it manifests into a full beard. Intrigued? Here’s what you need to know to achieve and maintain the scruffy beard look. 

How to grow a scruffy beard

The scruffy beard looks easy to get – and it is. It just takes roughly five steps, and a decent amount of time waiting for your stubble to evolve into a reasonable beard. 
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Step 1

Your first step is to simply let your stubble grow out into a beard for about two weeks. Not a full beard, though – just a good level of scruff. Every so often, comb your beard downwards.

Step 2

Once you’re ready to trim, wash and dry your scruffy beard and set your trimmer comb to 5-12mm. Give your whole beard a quick once-over. 

Step 3

With the scruffy beard, you can take a more casual approach to your beard neck line and cheek line – at this point, just tidy up anything that’s clearly an outlier from your natural shape.

Step 4

Trim the hairs around your lips if you like – or need to.

Step 5

That’s it. Revel in your new ultra-rugged scruff. 

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How to maintain a scruffy beard

So that’s how to get a scruffy beard – now a quick note on how to maintain scruff properly. The good news is that the scruffy beard look is the definition of low maintenance. Every once in a while, just follow steps 2-5 above to keep it in line. To keep your scruffy beard soft (and avoid injuring partners), apply beard oil – or simply grow it out a bit longer if scratchiness becomes an issue. Anything up to 12 mm counts as a scruffy beard. Beyond that point, you’re looking at a full beard.


Growing the scruffy beard look is simple enough that it could (and does) happen by accident. The result is still a hefty dose of casual cool. If you’ve lucked into some handsome scruff, just remember to trim it every now and again to keep the magic going.

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If/when you’re ready to retire the scruff, consider graduating to the full beard – or going back to the scruffy beard’s little brother, stubble. For low-key tricks that’ll keep your newly-grown scruffy beard irresistible, check out our beard care guide.

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