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    How do I use my Sonicare UV Sanitizer?

    Published on 13 July 2022

    Follow the step-by-step instructions below to find out how to use your Philips Sonicare UV Sanitizer. The sanitizer only works with click-on brush heads. It cannot be used for Sonicare For Kids brush heads. Ensure you remove the travel brush head cap before use.  

    1. Plug the sanitizer into a working outlet. 

    2. After brushing, rinse the brush head and shake off any excess water. 

    3. Place your fingers in the door recess on the sanitizer and pull the door open. 

    4. Place the brush head on one of the two hooks in the sanitizer. Ensure the bristles are facing the light bulb. 

    5. Close the door and press the green power on/off button to select the UV clean cycle. The sanitizer will only operate if the door is closed correctly and will stop if opened. 

    The sanitizer is in operation when the light glows through the window. The sanitizer cycle runs for 10 minutes and automatically shuts off. 

    How to use Philips Sonicare UV sanitizer
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