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    What do I do if after connecting a device to my Philips TV via HDMI, I have a picture but no sound?

    Published on 2016-12-12

    Some devices connected using HDMI are not compatible with the higher speed HDMI 2.0 used in 4K sets. This may result in picture distortion and/or no audio.

    To solve this issue in your TV, update the software to version PHL-OCOGY_150_0. This will add a selection to the menu so that you can select a legacy version of HDMI that is compatible with your device. Other HDMI inputs can be set to the higher rate HDMI 2.0 when connected to a 4K signal source.

    If you do not see the software download, go to www.philips.com/support and enter the model number of your TV. The software will be listed under Software and Drivers.

    After updating the software, all of your HDMI inputs will be set to the Legacy version 1.4. Your device should now function correctly.

    When connecting to a higher HDMI 2.0 source such as a 4K Blu-Ray player, set the HDMI input to Normal which will set the HDMI input to HDMI 2.0.

    1. Press the menu button on the remote and cursor right to Setup.
    2. Select Setup\TV Settings\Installation\Preferences\HDMI Mode.
    3. Select the desired HDMI input and set to Normal.

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